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REACH restriction on tattoo inks comes into force

reach restriction tattoo inks

Suppliers and users must comply with a new REACH restriction on tattoo inks.

Substances with specific health hazards shall not be placed on the market in mixtures for use for tattooing purposes, from 4th January 2022. Additionally, mixtures containing any such substances shall not be used for tattooing purposes. Suppliers placing such a mixture on the market shall ensure that the mixture is marked with new information requirements.

Find the new requirements in the restriction terms.

Complying with REACH restrictions

Import, manufacture, placing on the market and use of any substance listed on the REACH Resticion List (Annex XVII) must comply with the relevant restriction terms. Affected stakeholders should;

  1. Confirm that a substance contained within their portfolio is listed in Annex XVII;
  2. Check that no derogation or exemption applies to their use; and
  3. Take action to comply with the terms of that restriction.

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