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REACH Compliance Statement Generator

REACH Compliance Statement Generator
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As per TITLE IV of REACH, suppliers of substances, mixtures and articles are duty bound by the regulation to communicate specific information to their customers. Non-compliance can result in a fine, imprisonment and/or a loss of market access. Additionally, providing a compliance statement for your product helps to maintain a good commercial relationship with your customers.

Use our free REACH compliance statement service to create a letter for your customer that details the current state of compliance for your product.

How to use our free service

  1. Provide us with information on your product
  2. We will manually review, seek further information and provide you with a draft REACH compliance statement
  3. Use our draft statement to communicate REACH compliance to your customer

Pre-requirements for using our service

  • You must have sufficient information on the substances contained within your product
  • Information can be obtained in-house, from your supplier or by testing your product